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Looking to buy a home but don't know how to come up with the money to do so?  Don't worry, we have you covered! 

Based on FHA and Conventional Loan Rules, the seller can help pay a portion of your closing costs in order to help you buy the home(called Seller Concessions).  Seller Concessions are based on a % of the purchase price.  

FHA Maximum with 3.5% Down Payment - 6% 

Conventional Maximum w/5% Down Payment - 3% 

Conventional Maximum w/10% Down Payment - 6%

For example...  If you are using a FHA loan to purchase a house for $100,000, the seller could give back to you 6% or $6,000 towards your closing costs!  If you are using a Conventional Loan with 5% down, the seller could give back to you $3,000 towards closing costs.  With 10% down Conventional it would be $6,000!  

In most cases, Seller Concessions can be use in conjunction with Grant Programs like HomeHeadQuarters, who offer $3,000 closing costs assistance!  

Using these programs you can practically get you into a home with very little money out of pocket and pay a monthly mortgage payment much less than today's Rent.  Plus, you can write off the interest and taxes on your yearly income taxes for even more advantages you won't find when renting.  

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